Include a custom cupola with your design!

September 13, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Include a custom Cupola with Your Design

A cupola is a small tower located at the top of a barn or house. The sizes could vary depending on how you want it to appear and also the size of the house. The slope of the roof would also determine the size of the cupola too. The cupola has three parts that are the base, the cap, and the ventilation. The vents allow air and light to get it while the cap prevents water and other foreign materials from getting into the house through the cupola.

So why exactly do you need to include a custom cupola while you are designing a house or barn?

  • In some regions, the temperatures are usually very high. The house owners, therefore, have to think outside the box on how to economically lower temperatures in the house. This is more so in the loft area. This is the reason why some designers have cupolas at the top of the roof which helps regulate temperature levels in the house. The vents do not have a cover since this would make them not useful anymore. The vents should however not be huge since this would encourage foreign objects to enter the house.
  • Besides regulating the heat, they are also used to let light into the room. For this purpose, you can either have vents or glass. This would be perfect for rooms that are in the attic or just the entire barn. Additionally, barns are not supposed to have windows which would let in light. Therefore, this would be the perfect structure to have at the roof top.
  • Barns do not have any windows. Some of them have a lot of animal feeds which leads to warm stale air accumulating inside. This leads to mold or mildew growing on the feeds which could be hazardous. However, with the help of the cupola, cold air will be able to get in while the hot air gets out, this way, animal feeds can stay fresh for a long time without going bad.

Other factors to have in mind about custom cupolas are:

  • Some designers cover up the vents with glass hence doing away with the regulation heat use. In this case, the cupola will be just for decorative purposes.
  • They can also be used to increase the attractiveness of a building. They are at the top hence they make the building look taller, more attractive and it stands out.
  • They are made of different materials like copper or wood. Those made of copper are the most durable and attractive. They require little maintenance practices hence they are the perfect structure to add value to your house.
  • When the top roof ridge is too long, instead of having a big cupola, it would be better to have several of them. That way, they will serve your purpose better either to allow in light, air or for decorative purposes.
  • There are different designs too. The cupola could be round, hexagon, rectangle or square. The design is just a matter of choice, not about its purpose.
  • They could also be used as a watch tower. This is because they are high above, and you can see far away from the cupola.

Personalizing your custom cupola with weathervanes:

Weathervanes tend to be an integral part of any custom cupola design. There are several aspects to consider when incorporating a weathervane. There are many styles of weathervane to choose from when considering your design. Often times, a personal touch can be easily added to help express your preference. Your personal preference for your weathervane could include topics such as animals, like the iconic rooster or horses, or activities such as hunting or fishing. Since we utilize a state of the art CNC plasma cutting machine at Quicken Manufacturing, the choices for personalization are only limited by your imagination. We’re here to help guide you through the design process. Contact us today to discuss your custom weathervane.
Not many people have embraced the cupola designs for their houses, barns, and garages. This is something one should consider since they have many benefits especially if you would like a unique look and feature for your project.

A cupola is a wonderful embellishment to any Quicken Manufacturing building, or a great addition to your new construction, or renovation project. Contact Quicken Manufacturing today to discuss the options. We have both standard and custom designs available with many color and feature choices.