Quick Frame Buildings


Our Quick Frame Buildings are made up of either 3.5” 20 gauge galvanized steel or 5.5” 18 gauge galvanized steel (learn more about the benefits of steel) depending on the size of building. Each building is computer designed, economical and built quickly. The frames are completely automated using our roll forming production system. Each stud and track profile is transformed from coil to finished panel in one step. This reduces construction time and reduces installation costs. Since the process is computer automated, there is no cutting or measuring and virtually no scrap or waste.

View a Step by Step build of a Quick Frame Building

Our Quick Frame Trusses are designed and manufactured the same as our Quick Frame Wall systems.

  • Single web and chord profile from coil to finished truss in one step.
  • Fast bolt together construction.
  • No cutting, measuring, drilling.
  • Virtually no scrap or waste.

Our engineering and design allows us to produce a host of different building types from small sheds to garages, boat and car shelters, larger open buildings such as 60 x 150 x 16. We can also custom manufacture buildings with interior rooms as well. Our Quick Frame buildings allow for insulation and interior finishing as soon as walls are erected. We can pre-punch for wiring and plumbing.

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